Trucking Insurance

When a commercial truck has an accident, the trucking company needs to be insured to protect themselves from four distinct types of claims. A single accident is likely to result in damages for each of these four categories, making it monumentally important that a truck insurance company is fully covering each category of claims.

Liability Insurance

Truck liability insurance covers the damage that is done to the other party. If a tractor trailer damages a delivery dock while dropping off a load, payment will be made to the shipment receiver for repairs. If a truck strikes another vehicle, the insurer will pay for the repairs required by the other vehicle. If a pedestrian or a driver in another vehicle is hurt by your truck, the insurance company will pay for the medical bill.

Cargo Insurance

If a tractor trailer carrying a load of fine products gets jostled and partially destroyed while going over a curb, it’s good to have cargo insurance coverage. Likewise, if the trailer is broken into and some of the shipment is stolen, the truck insurance will be writing the check, and not you.

Physical Damage Insurance

There are plenty of ways a semi truck can be damaged that will result in a hefty repair bill. Getting backed into at a truck stop, damage from hail or flash floods, and arson are all events that are out of your control but can still sink your business. Tractor trailer insurance that doesn’t include physical damage coverage will leave a major gap in your protection.

Workers’ Compensation and Medical Insurance

Accidents or illnesses will result in medical bills and recovery time. A company that doesn’t have coverage for employee injury is leaving out an important aspect of insurance coverage and missing a strong recruitment tool.

Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Keeping your vehicle protected when it is not under dispatch or not pulling a trailer is an essential part of a semi truck insurance plan. These policy types will keep your vehicle covered in the few situations that aren’t covered by the previously mentioned insurance policies, and the additional coverage tends to be very inexpensive.

Finding the Best Price

Getting commercial truck insurance quotes can take longer than your typical car policy. Due to the additional details that factor into calculating premiums, you can expect an accurate quote to take approximately 15 minutes. Call as many commercial truck insurance companies as you have the stomach for, but make sure to speak with no less than three. Premiums vary a surprising amount between agencies, and taking the first offer will likely mean that you are overpaying.

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Why does truck insurance cost so much?

Unfortunately truckers have traditionally had bad driving records so even if you are a clean driver insurers will still look for you to pay for the mistakes of other drivers

Trucks cost more than cars so insurance costs are proportionately more expensive.

Trucks are heavy if you hit someone or something else you are going to do a lot of damage which means if its your fault there is a lot more cost to your insurance.

Finally, Trucks are more of a target for theft than automobiles.


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